Certified Refrigerator Repair Technician

When a refrigerator repair technician is needed, the last thing on a homeowner’s mind is to double check their credentials.  Facing the need for immediate refrigerator repair, it’s understandable to think that a homeowner may be too stressed to think about verifying whether the company they called has technicians trained to work on the brand of refrigerator they own.  While it may be an understandable mistake, it could be a costly one.

Refrigerator repair isn’t always a simple and easy fix.  Most of the top-quality appliances are made by specific brand names and have proprietary makeups.  This means that just like smart phones, no two refrigerators are exactly alike. These brand name manufacturers take pride in the appliances they offer and make sure to provide training on repairs and malfunctions.  Refrigerator repair technicians that have not gone through specific training, may not be qualified to repair a certain type of refrigerator.  Even if the company has been repairing refrigerators for years, or was once certified by a brand, it doesn’t mean they are up to date on appliance repairs.

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Hiringa Factory Certified refrigerator repair technician

Hiring a refrigerator repair technician that is Factory Certified by a manufacturer may take a little bit of extra effort.  Typing “refrigerator repair technician” into Google will certainly yield some results but not every company knows how to repair every brand name refrigerator.  Looking for a refrigerator repair technician that is Factory Certified to repair not only the brand but also the specific model of refrigerator that a homeowner has is the best approach.  This will ensure that the refrigerator is repaired with the correct tools and the highest quality parts.

It’s important for consumers to know that seeing a Factory Certified seal or logo may not be enough to determine if the company is qualified to repair a specific refrigerator.  Companies who use this logo only have to be factory certified by one company but the logo doesn’t mean they posses the needed skills for  more than one brand.  Some companies choose to use a similar logo with similar wording that doesn’t mean they are actually factory certified at all.  For these reasons, it’s advised that consumers check with the manufacturer of their refrigerator to determine which refrigerator repair technicians are actually certified.


Brands that need to be serviced by a Factory Certified refrigerator repair technician

Some brands require more in-depth maintenance and service than others.  Refrigerator repair technicians that are Factory Certified by a brand know exactly how to troubleshoot and fix most problems that commonly occur.  For high-end refrigerators, repairs that are not completed by a qualified technician may void the warranty or cause other issues.  For this reason, it’s recommended to use a Factory Certified refrigerator repair technician for most high-end brand name appliances.  Below is a list of brand name manufacturers that need to be serviced by a qualified professional.



Subzero refrigerators are designed in a innovative way that makes repairing and working on them different than most other appliances of it’s kind.  While normal refrigerator repair includes standard temperature controls and mechanisms, Subzero refrigerators have several different compartments that are designed to keep different items fresher and crisper.  Since their design is more complicated than others, it’s best for homeowners that have a Subzero fridge to call a Factory Certified refrigerator repair technician.



This brand of refrigerators and appliances has steadily improved the functionality and durability of their products over the years.  After teaming up with the largest appliance manufacturer in the world, their appliances took a huge step up in quality.  Their new appliances are a cut above the rest and require the expertise of a qualified professional.  Homeowners that have a new Viking appliance should make sure any refrigerator repair company they call is Factory Certified.



Bosch has been a pioneer in products that help people live their best life for years.  Their refrigerators and appliances are more standard than previously named brands, but that doesn’t mean they are less valuable. Bosch has prided themselves on building in high quality at a more affordable price.  To ensure their products are repaired with parts they approve, they also recommend hiring only certified appliance repair technicians when something breaks.



Providing top notch products, Liebherr is a brand that considers every detail for their design.  The design of their luxury kitchen appliances makes them easy to clean and maintain for a homeowner.However, the intricacies of how they work on the inside isn’t as simple.  To keep appliances made by this company in top working order, they recommend hiring only technicians that have been fully trained on how they operate.



Thermador has been a trusted household name since before the Industrial Revolution kicked into full swing.  Their team has introduced many commonly used appliances to the market, including the cooktop installed in most homes today.  Over a hundred years of innovation has gone into their most recent product line.  Stepping up their game, they produced a collection of luxury appliances that meets the needs of every homeowner.  Due to the cutting-edge technology used in their new product line, it’s recommended to hire a qualified professional to provide service and maintenance.



Factory Certified refrigerator repair technicians in Palm Beach, Florida

Refrigerator repairs not completed by a Factory Certified professional could be detrimental to the life of the appliance.  Dolling’s Appliance and Refrigeration has Factory Certified refrigerator repair technicians for most brand name appliances. Trained to treat their customers like part of the Dolling’s family, they pride themselves on providing excellent customer service to Palm Beach residents.  Their refrigerator repair technicians are highly trained and well respected in Southern Florida.  Known as the company with heart, Dolling’s Appliance and Refrigeration employs top quality technicians that are guaranteed to offer the best in appliance repair and service.  To see if their technicians are available, those looking to schedule refrigerator repair or appliance service should contact their office in West Palm Beach at 561-655-4085.


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