Refrigerator Repair in Palm Beach County

Summary: Qualified technicians from locally owned company, Dolling’s Appliance, offer refrigerator repair and appliance maintenance throughout Palm Beach County.   Their technicians provide top quality service on high-end appliances.  Trained by the manufacturers, their team is dedicated to helping families continue to use their high-end appliances for years to come with affordable repairs and reliable service.

Refrigerator repair in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas is offered by Dolling’s Appliance.  They employ technicians that are certified by manufacturers to repair and maintain high-end appliances in the homes of Palm Beach County residents.  Dolling’s Appliance and Refrigeration has serviced appliances and refrigerators in the Palm Beach area for over a decade.  They are dedicated to providing a top-quality customer experience and in-home appliance service.


Technicians at Dolling’s Appliance are Certified in high end refrigerator repair

High-end appliances shouldn’t be repaired by just anyone. Manufacturers of brand name appliances offer certification programs for technicians.  During the certification process, technicians learn how to diagnose and fix problems with the appliances the manufacturer offers.  Using a refrigerator repair technician that is not factory certified could be a costly mistake for homeowners.

Dolling’s Appliance and Refrigeration is proud to offer repairs by quality technicians that are Factory Service Certified to repair high-end appliances.  The technicians they trust to provide refrigerator repair in Palm Beach are highly trained and their repairs ensure that appliances stay under warranty.  For many high-end appliance companies, using a refrigerator repair technician that is not certified will void a warranty.  Technicians from Dolling’s Appliance will not void an appliance warranty and guarantee quality service.

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Dolling’s Appliance provides maintenance service for high-end appliances

In addition to providing refrigerator and appliance repair services, Dolling’s also offers maintenance service for high-end appliances to residents in Palm Beach.  Regular maintenance can help prevent future need of refrigerator repair.  Qualified technicians know the proper maintenance schedule for these appliances and will help homeowners extend the life of the high-end appliances in their house.  Technicians at Dolling’s Appliance and Refrigeration will perform routine maintenance on a variety of brand name high-end appliances.

Factory service technicians from Dolling’s Appliance and Refrigeration are trained by manufacturers on how to maintain appliances and make them last longer.  Their team provides a quality customer experience when they arrive to maintain appliances.  Local to the Palm Beach area, they are well vetted and trained to respect personal space and property while they are maintaining appliances in a customer’s home.

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Schedule refrigerator repair or appliance maintenance in Palm Beach with Dolling’s Appliance and Refrigeration

Technicians at Dolling’s Appliance are trained by manufacturers to provide quality services.  Repairs are offered on brands such as Subzero, Wolf, Leibherr and Haier. Care foradditional brands and services are available including repairs on appliances that are no longer under warranty.  Fair prices and trustworthy service make Dolling’s Appliances the company with a heart. Service is offered on most brand name appliances, however, a complete list of brands Dolling’s technicians is certified to repair can be found on their website.

Dolling’s Appliance and Refrigeration has been locally owned since 1980.  Founded on the principle of servicing their customers with all their heart, their team of technicians understands quality service.  They take pride in providing a service to the Palm Beach community that is both reliable and trustworthy.  From start to finish, they ensure their customer feels comfortable, happy and well cared for.  Over the years, their reputation has prompted families from all over Palm Beach to invite them into their homes to provide maintenance and repair for their high-end appliances.  For more information about services provided and how to schedule refrigerator repair or appliance maintenance in Palm Beach, residents should visit their website or contact their West Palm Beach office at 561.655.4085.



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