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Many homeowners in Palm Beach County have high-end appliances in their kitchen. When they break, it’s natural to wonder if hiring a high-end appliance repair technician is worth the added expense. Since, they are Factory Service Certified by appliance manufacturers, high-end appliance repair technicians can actually help owners save money; not just on repairs but also on the maintenance of the appliances in their home.

High-end appliance manufacturers offer factory certifications to appliance repair technicians.  Those certified technicians acquire more than just a marketing sticker during their training.  Equipped by the manufacturerwith the diagnostic tools and expertise to provide top quality service, high-end appliance repair technicians can provide peace of mind and valuable benefits to the homeowners they serve.


Benefits of hiring a high-end appliance repair technician

People who choose to hire a high-end appliance repair technician often have a better experience overall than when they hire the cheapest bidder to do the job.  Factory Service Certified appliance repair technicians have been trained on how to repair certain brand names.  They are typically familiar with common issues that arise with specific brand names and their products.  These benefits allow them to provide thorough appliance repair service with confidence and capability.  The list of reasons to hire a high-end appliance repair technician is quite long but can be summarized into the following top 3 benefits.


1— High-end appliance repair technicians are trained to maintain to manufacturer specifications

Manufacturers train technicians how to repair and maintain their high-end appliances.  They do this because they want to guarantee that the parts and service provided on their products are of a certain quality. Refrigerators and ranges that cost thousands of dollars are built to last if proper maintenance is performed.  These high-end appliances require more than the average homeowner knows to keep running as efficiently as the day they came off the showroom floor.  Appliance repair technicians are trained to properly maintain appliances and arrive equipped with the tools and parts to fix them.


2— High-end appliance repair technicians don’t void warranties

To save money, many homeowners decide against hiring a high-end appliance repair technician.  Sadly, those that choose to do this may void their warranty.  Parts and service that were not purchased through and installed by Factory Certified repair technicians may void the warranty on certain high-end appliances.  With a voided warranty, defects and problems that would normally be covered become an out of pocket expense for a homeowner.


3— Hiring a high-end appliance repair technician saves money

While it may seem like hiring a high-end appliance technician is expensive, that is often not the case.  When homeowners attempt to repair or service a high-end appliance themselves, sometimes more costly repairs are needed. The same is true for when they hire and untrained professional. Frequently, commercially available parts may not fit and special tools may be required to complete the repairs without causing damage.  Adding up additional repairs and costs usually makes hiring a high-end appliance repair technician a cheaper option – especially if a warranty is voided in the process.



Is hiring a high-end appliance repair technician worth it?

Most homeowners in Palm Beach have agreed that hiring a high-end appliance repair technician is worth it.  Not only do they understand what the problem is and how to fix it, they also understand what maintenance is needed to prevent further damage and repairs.  They have both the knowledge and the tools to keep appliances in working order for many years.

For most brand name appliances, repairs require the knowledge of a Factory Certified appliance repair technician. This means that hiring someone who knows how to work on the exact brand of appliance that is inside a home is always worth it.  When a qualified appliance repair technician performs routine maintenance and repairs, it ensures the longevity of the high-end appliance.


Top Brands that require the expertise of a high-end appliance repair technician

Some high-end appliance manufacturers require repair and service from qualified technicians.  This helps them product the integrity of their products and their brand.  They choose to provide training to appliance repair technicians so the people who buy their products can enjoy them for years to come.  Some of the brand names that need special attention from Factory Service Certified professionals are listed below.



A recognizable brand name, Sub Zero refrigerators are unlike others on the market.  Their designs ensure that food stays fresh and tastes like it should.  Since their units have specialized compartments that are each climate controlled separately, their appliances should be serviced and repaired by technicians who have been Factory Certified.



Wolf has been a family owned business designing the best in kitchen appliance for over 20 years.  Their designs have allowed them to be pioneers in the field of high-end appliances.  Their revolutionary products require revolutionary and highly trained technicians to repair and service them.



Producing luxury appliances is important to the team at Liebherr.  Passionate about creating a design that works for everyone, their extensive product line is the next generation of home refrigeration.  With products that luxurious, it stands to reason they recommend hiring only high-end appliance repair technicians to provide service and repair.



Asko appliances are created with craftsmanship in mind.  Designed in Scandinavia, they are on a mission to inspire and enrich people’s lives with innovative and functional high-end appliances.  Due to their quality and innovation, their products require service and repair from qualified professionals.



High-end appliance repair technicians in Palm Beach, Florida

Many of the homes in Palm Beach have high-end appliances in their kitchens.  Since most of those brand names require the expertise of a Factory Certified appliance repair technician, homeowners should be sure that the company they hire is qualified.  Technicians at Dolling’s Appliance in West Palm Beach are trained to service most high-end brand name appliances.  Service and repairs performed by their appliance repair technicians do not void warranties and are up to manufacturer standards.  Local residents can visit their website to learn more about scheduling service or appliance repair in Palm Beach County, Florida.



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